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Crater (Aden) Massacre 1967
In 1981 after members of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders regiment were convicted of the murder of two Catholic farmers in Northern Ireland (Pitchfork Murders), veterans of the Aden conflict came forward in the Scottish media to admit to atrocities they had seen or participated in. Wounded prisoners had been murdered by morphine injection and a teenager caught out after curfew had been bayoneted to death on the orders of an officer. (Despite there being no curfew order). Unarmed Arabs were killed out of hand regardless of  the Yellow Card instructions which laid out the circumstances in which soldiers could open fire. To detain an Arab, soldiers were taught to shout ‘waqaf ’ - pronounced ‘wakeef ’ - meaning halt. If three warnings were ignored soldiers were then entitled to shoot, but some treated this as a joke and shouted ‘fuck off’ or ‘corned beef’ instead. Not surprisingly, most Arabs did not understand this and several were just gunned down.There were admissions also that the Argylls had been guilty of widespread looting. The Argylls used the Chartered Bank building in the Crater as their headquarters and snipers stationed on its roof would shoot at anyone thought to represent a threat in the streets below. A BBC journalist wrote "once we stood together in Crater watching the Argylls stacking, as in a butcher's shop, the bodies of four Arab "militants" they had just shot and Lt-Col. Colin Mitchell said: 'It was like shooting grouse, a brace here and a brace there'." Is the western dominated International Criminal Court just another propaganda machine?

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