Wednesday, 1 February 2012

George Thorogood 1979 Cleveland

Agora Ballroom
Cleveland, OH


Majella O'Hare

When British soldiers are on rifle ranges in Germany or England, it is normal practice to keep a couple of clips of ammunition for the Irish. This is illegal, but the NCOs turn a blind eye. These spare rounds can be used to replace any used rounds in Ireland when on patrol. Baton rounds are doctored with bits of metal and razor blades to cause even worse injury. Uniformed patrols hang around school gates for the aggro...
On the 14th August, 1976 soldiers of the Third Parachute Regiment shot dead a twelve-year-old County Armagh girl while on her way to Confessions at the local chapel, St. Malachy’s, Ballymoyer. From the outset, claims by the British Army about the killing were vigorously disputed by local people, many of whom had witnessed the shooting. The military claimed the soldier who had fired the fatal rounds had shouted a warning and opened fire at a gunman he saw in a gap of the hedge. Witnesses insisted there was no warning and no gunman.  Majella’s father Jim O’Hare who was cutting grass at a nearby school yard witnessed the shooting and immediately went to assist the victim only to discover it was his own daughter. Mr O'Hare held Majella in his arms and was cursed by the soldiers in the foulest of bad language.

Why can the agents of the British Government kill and torture the manifestly innocent and never pay any penalty?  Is the western dominated International Criminal Court just another propaganda machine?

War criminals

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