Thursday, 27 March 2014

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New York, NY

      War criminals
James Steele set up, trained and directed death squads in Afghanistan, El Salvador, Honduras, Iraq, Liberia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama and Viet Nam funded by the American taxpayers billions of dollars. This evil piece of shit is responsible for mass torture, murder and genocide and is still at large.
Is the western dominated International Criminal Court just another propaganda machine?


  1. I personally have this one already in my collection, but a great post, nonetheless...thanks for getting it out there! I saw these cats several times; none better than the Halloween show I witnessed in Pittsburgh '91(possibly '92), where both bands tore it up & sat-in on each others' sets. Gosh, I would love to have a quality recording of that gig, but alas, I don't think one exists. Sarge, I dig your vibe, keep 'em comin'...PLEASE & THANKS!!!

  2. Love and peace my brother. Thank you for the encouragement. Nuff respect to Sir Rodney OD.