Sunday, 27 July 2014

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Selland Arena
Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center
Fresno, CA




Completists only. Ogg
Gaza is a laboratory for the Israeli Defense Industry. Palestinians are the guinea pigs. Defense is really Offense. It's easy to slaughter densely populated areas of trapped defenseless men, women and children. The trick is to sacrifice a small number of your own in order to manipulate public outrage. The ratio of assassinations:losses is simple to control within Gaza. Publicity for the IDF comes from feeding the world's media the ratio of Palestinian:Israeli loss of life. The more Palestinians murdered, the more Israeli weapons are sold world-wide. Untold Governments globally are fooled into wasting their taxes on Israeli warfare. Brazil, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, USA plus many others are repeat customers. Regions world-wide are becoming akin to Gaza conflict zones. Israel has become a superpower arms exporter netting 7 billion USD per annum. Aeronautics Ltd, Azimuth Technologies Ltd, Cornershot Ltd, Elbit Systems, Rafael Industries, RSL Electronics, Reshef Technologies, Sansolo, Soltam Systems, T9 Design Lt, Maverick Defense Technologies Ltd, PrizmaTech, Meprolight and countless other butchers make up the IDF. Is the western dominated International Criminal Court just another propaganda machine? 

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